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Niel de Klerk

Niel de Klerk


Key achievements and appointments are as follows:

  • Registered as an Associated Valuer in 1984;
  • Elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the South African Institute of Valuer in 1989;
  • Appointed as examiner in 1990 – Final year diploma;
  • Appointed as executive member of the South African Council for Valuers in 1991;
  • Appointed as member of the Valuation Board of Akasia in 1992;
  • Elected as president of the South African Institute for Valuers from 1993-1995;
  • Appointed by the office of the President as Appraiser – Income Tax Court;
  • Served on a panel of valuers to assist government with the MPRA;
  • Elevated to fellow member status of the South African Institute of Valuers in 2004;
  • Appointed as member of the Valuation Appeal Board for the Free State in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act (6 of 2004).

The past 25 years experience includes more than 1 million valuations for property rating purposes with great success in valuation and appeal board hearings.

Special properties valued includes servitudes, schools, hospitals, casinos, ArcelorMittal steel factory, Sasol 1 petroleum factory, reservoirs, roads, caravan parks, township development properties, shopping centres, old age homes, hotels and correctional service facilities, under both the old ordinance and new MPRA.

Valuations performed in terms of the new MPRA utilizing a Geographical Information System (GIS) with aerial photography and or Pictometry and reconciling with the Deeds Office for the following Municipalities:

  • Midvaal Local Municipality                –             32 500 properties (2007 and 2011)
  • Metsimaholo Local Municipality        –             33 500 properties (2008)
  • Emfuleni Local Municipality              –           161 000 properties (2009)
  • Lesedi Local Municipality                  –             24 000 properties (2010)

Success in objections and appeal board hearings includes numerous cases in different cities and towns, including 7 days appeal hearing with ArcelorMittal.