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Our Technology

In order to achieve service excellence the company employs the latest technology and information systems. Technology is continuously investigated to enhance efficiency.

After investigating several valuation systems we concluded that ePlanner was the most comprehensive and efficient system available. ePlanner is outlined in detail. The Planner valuation system was originally developed in 1993 by In Depth Data. It has been continuously upgraded and improved over the years and now accommodates the requirements of the MPRA.

Geographical Information System We utilize Tatuk GIS, which can accommodate large volumes of high-resolution aerial photography and layers of information, such as: Map IT data Water courses, wetlands, rivers and spruits Power lines, pipe lines, railway lines, stations Topography National and Provincial roads.

Aerial photography is one of the most important aids for valuers for compiling Valuation Rolls for Municipalities, for a variety of reasons including: Access, Time Frame and Identification of Properties.

Pictometry is a patented information system, developed by Pictometry International, which allows users to have high-resolution images from multiple views of single buildings at the click of a mouse. Pictometry empowers users to make accurate measurements from oblique images.