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Our Team

Headed up by Niel de Klerk, a former president of the Institute of Valuers, our company consists of a specialised team who are all dedicated in providing a truly professional service.

Our Company


36 years of service in the property industry as Valuers, Estate Agents, Developers and Financial Consultants affords the team outstanding and virtually unmatched experience in the property field. By continuously attending valuation workshops and seminars, NDK has ensured that the team’s abilities are at the cutting edge and further establishes NDK Valuers as one of the leading valuation firms in South Africa.


Our policy is one of non-discrimination and equal opportunity.


We have assisted in training previously disadvantaged persons to become valuers and are presently negotiating a joint-venture with a black-empowerment valuation company.


We are committed to provide our clients with quality and affordable service and excellent valuation expertise.


Our company has an unsurpassed reputation for excellent service and reliability.


Download our B-BBEE Exempt Micro Enterprise Certificate here.