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Aerial photography


Aerial photography is one of the most important aids for valuers for compiling Valuation Rolls for Municipalities, for the following reasons:-

  • Access – the general public prohibits any access to their properties due to security reasons;
  • Time Frame – substantially reduces the time for inspection of properties;
  • Identification of properties;
  • Identification of Public Service Infrastructure such as railway lines, substations, roads, etc;
  • Electronic measurements – technology has reached a 99 % accuracy;
  • Illegal buildings – aerial photography versus building plans.  Illegal buildings can be identified and be included in the Valuation Roll;
  • Category – land use can be identified to determine the category at which the property will be rated;
  • Irrigation Land – aerial photography versus physical inspection.  The measurement of irrigatable land, which is valued at a higher rate can only be determined by aerial photography.

Even the act under Section 45(2) (a) & (b) states:-

(a) physical inspection of the property to be valued is optional; and

(b) comparative, analytical and other systems or techniques may be used, including aerial photography and computer-assisted mass appraisal systems or techniques, taking into account changes in technology and valuation systems and techniques.

We are in possession of the latest Aerial Photography with the necessary software to process the Aerial Photography in a valuation system.

All staff members have access and are trained to utilize the software.